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Today, more and more people are planning their own funerals. No one wants to burden their family and loved ones at the end of life any more than he or she wishes to be one during life. The time of a loved one's passing should be a time for grieving, remembering, and finally celebrating that person's life. It is not the most efficacious time to be negotiating with a funeral director. Truth be told, planning one's own funeral is one of the most loving things an individual can do for those he or she cares about.

The consequences of not planning your own funeral can have more than an emotional impact on your loved ones--it can have a financial one as well. Many of the items that contribute to the cost of final arrangements suffer the continuous increase in price that effects every other part of our society. Purchasing at today's price will almost certainly be more economical than purchasing in the distant future.

By using Anders-Rice funeral services, you can be sure you are receiving the best value you can receive for your final arrangements.

Perhaps of greater importance, you can make certain that the service meant to honor you is a lasting memory to those you have left behind. By planning your memorial, you will provide your loved ones your final gift, that last gift …of thoughtfulness .

We invite you to call Anders-Rice for your final arrangements. Your satisfaction is our goal. Our reputation is our most valuable commodity.