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Cremation Services…

Cremation services have become an increasingly popular way to honor those who have passed on before us. Cremation services are not only dignified, they allow for the flexibility many people need when planning a memorial service. Burial services must be performed very soon after death; cremation services (not the act of cremation itself but the ceremony honoring the departed) can occur when and where the time is appropriate.

Most funeral homes subcontract this delicate procedure out to a third party provider (sometimes in another town) where the funeral home has little or no control over the crematory's operating procedures. Often, the family incurs additional transportation expenses and needless delay. Anders-Rice Crematory is on the premises and the remains never leave our care.

With cremation services, families have the option of honoring their loved ones in a number of different ways. Ashes can be buried in a plot of land, scattered in a symbolic location, or permanently stored in a memorial urn. A cremation garden or a columbarium is also an option. Plus, no matter which option is best for you, the ceremony can be performed at any time. If loved ones need time to travel, cremation services afford them that opportunity. Cremation is also a less expensive funeral alternative than a traditional burial.

Anders-Rice offers several packages to meet each and every need and/or request for cremation services. We offer a wide selection of Urns & Cremation Caskets (if traditional services are requested). Our Crematory is one of the most up-to-date, state of the art, computer controlled units available. Our Crematory Room is designed to accomodate Final Viewing and/or Memorial Tributes, as well as seating for a religious tribute.